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Expertly curated meals that are fully paediatric planned, cooked fresh daily, and delivered whenever you need it.

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WE cater for:
Nut & sesame free
add your dietary request at checkout.

We do not handle any NUTS in our kitchens.
We cannot guarantee that our suppliers are all nut and allergen free, so there may be a risk of cross-contamination.

Dairy & egg free replacements:
Milk → oat milk
Butter → flora
Cream → oat cream
egg → extra baking powder


How parent's have used V&Me to combat fussy eating.


17 months old

What was the problem?
“She didn’t like all the new flavours and ingredients in the meals to start with - most of it was just ending up on the floor...”

How long did it take to solve?
“I was determined to get her to love healthy food like this so I stuck with it for 2 (messy) weeks and kept offering her the meals”.

How is she now?
“Honestly, she’s like a different child now, she’s SO much better at trying new things and is almost a better eater than her parents”.

V&Me Champion


18 months old

What was the problem?
“All of a sudden, he just stopped eating any kind of 'mixed' foods at 18 months”.

How long did it take to solve?
“Probably 3 weeks of total refusal, until he started to accept some again”.

How is he now?
“An even better eater than his older brother! I wish I had persevered more with my older one the first time around”.

V&Me Champion
Want to set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy eating?
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1. Choose the meal plan for your baby

From smooth purees to bite-sized finger foods, you'll get right meals for their stage of development.

2. Select the days you’d like to receive food on

You'll get that day’s menu delivered fresh to your doorstep.

3. Pause, edit or cancel your deliveries anytime

Pause for the holidays, edit the texture or portion sizes and request specific delivery slots to fit your schedule.

Want to set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy eating?

Bye bye boring baby food!

Cooked fresh daily
Delivered when you need it
No lock-in
5 star Customer Support
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